Network Automation and AI Ops (THREE BEERS IT, Ep.5)

Network Automation and AI Ops (THREE BEERS IT, Ep.5)

Three Beers IT
Premiere Date: September 27, 2023 | Episode 5 | 25 mins

Automation on the network: most hated ally or best loved enemy?

IT professionals have a long-running love/hate relationship with automation tools. Automation is essential to scale and speed—but has tended to have problems in environments that are multivendor, multigenerational, and inconsistent in configuration. That is to say, most environments!

Join is joined by Dave Siegel, a pro with decades of experience building, operating, and automating networks. They dig into how IT teams can build a better relationship with the automation they depend on more and more each day.


• “Lonely Blonde” American Blonde Ale, Fulton Brewing (Minneapolis, MN)
• Kilchoman “Sanaig” Single Malt Scotch (Islay)

Host: John Burke – CTO and lead researcher, Nemertes
Guest: David Seigel – President of Siegel Group—“Focusing on transformative network projects”

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