Train Your End-Users to Avoid Collaboration Pitfalls

Train Your End-Users to Avoid Collaboration Pitfalls

IT leaders must take a constructive approach to equip end-users with the training they need to adapt and benefit from new collaboration features.

The last several months have seen a massive acceleration in the delivery of new, AI-powered, unified communications and collaboration features. In a market with near-ubiquitous adoption of video-enabled meetings and a rapid increase in the use of team collaboration applications, vendors are focusing on differentiation through agile delivery of features designed to improve ease of use, experiences, and productivity. Some examples include:
  • Virtual personal assistants that capture meeting notes and transcripts, action items, highlights, and may even translate meetings into different languages in real-time
  • Enhanced audio and video designed to block out background noise and improve appearances, especially in low light, or back-lit conditions
  • Meeting options including breakout rooms, tiered seating, and enhanced host controls to protect against unwanted crashers
  • Team collaboration improvements in security, cross-company collaboration, and integrated calling and meetings

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