Resilience in Action: TTI/Vanguard Becomes Nemertes [Next]

Resilience in Action: TTI/Vanguard Becomes Nemertes [Next]

Part of the TTI/Vanguard ResilienceConference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Presentation Date: March 6, 2024

Nemertes [Next] is the continuation of the TTI/Vanguard conference series focusing on emerging technologies and their enterprise implications.

Originally created by famed UCLA computer scientist researcher Leonard Kleinrock and his colleagues, the series has attracted a range of visionary speakers for over forty years. Our conference series will continue to be guided by many of the same board members and long-time advisers and organizers, including Dr. Kleinrock, Content Director Nancy Kleinrock, long-time master of ceremonies (and former CEO) Tony Shaw, and other critical members of the team.

Along with launching the re-imagined conference, we’re continuing the popular newsletter authored by Nancy Kleinrock, and continuing the beloved tradition of holding a conference field trip to a nearby research facility, giving members an inside peek into laboratories conducting cutting-edge scientific and engineering research.

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Johna Till Johnson – CEO + Founder, Nemertes