Webex Teams vs. Microsoft Teams: Choosing the right platform

Webex Teams vs. Microsoft Teams: Choosing the right platform

Cisco and Microsoft have long been competitors in the enterprise collaboration space — first in instant messaging, later in telephony and meeting platforms. Now, the competition is in team collaboration apps. Both offer similarly named and functioning applications: Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams, respectively.

When analyzing Webex Teams vs. Microsoft Teams, both team collaboration tools offer persistent messaging in channels or virtual rooms. Both offer the ability to escalate a chat-based conversation to a conference call, with or without video, and integrate team spaces with a variety of third-party apps.

Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams even extend their experience to touchscreens, with the Cisco Webex Board and Microsoft Surface Hub, respectively. Both services are cloud-based, but also offer hybrid deployment models to integrate team collaboration features, such as persistent chat and meetings, with on-premises telephony platforms.

The similar naming and feature sets have created a challenge for IT buyers: When they talk about Teams, are they talking Cisco Webex Teams or Microsoft Teams? And which is the right choice to buy?

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