Replay Webinar- See and Respond to Attacks as They Hit with Behavioral Threat Analytics


Information security professionals are drowning in data: so much information floods in, from so many sources, the important stuff is lost to sight. Worse, attacks and compromises have grown so subtle no single factor signals an unfolding event. The result? Even the most sophisticated monitoring tools yield unacceptable levels of false positives—hundreds per day, far too much for even a fully-staffed SOC to handle.

Enter real-time Behavioral Threat Analytics (BTA), a suite of technologies and products that’s focused on turning floods of security data about the behavior of users, systems, and devices into actionable information by cross-correlating events from multiple data sources in real time. BTA is one of the bellwether technologies adopted by 100% of the successful organizations in our 2016/2017 security and risk management benchmark and maturity model. Join us to find out why.

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