Webinar Replay – Automation at Scale for Enterprise Open Networks

Webinar Replay – Automation at Scale for Enterprise Open Networks

How can enterprises succeed in transforming a legacy network infrastructure into an agile engine for a true digital transformation? John Burke, Nemertes Principal Analyst, will share industry trends and Niraj Jain, COO of Pica8, will walk you through the journey.

The keys to transforming “This Old Infrastructure” into a fully fledged member of the enterprise multicloud, lie in intelligent, automation-friendly, software-defined networking. SDN, plus automation that reaches beyond IP (all the way down to layer 2), means IT can:

  • focus more on collaborating with the business on new services
  • meet the needs of a campus environment for greater security
  • focus on more intelligent traffic management to meet the needs of mobile users and real-time communications
  • spend less time on keeping the lights on
  • scale operations efficiently.

We invite you to view Nemertes and Pica8 as they explore the roles of SDN, automation, open standards, and whitebox infrastructure, and discuss what IT will need to do in order to be ready for this next wave of enterprise networking.

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