Webinar Replay – Crafting a Next-Generation Enterprise Architecture

Webinar Replay – Crafting a Next-Generation Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is dead. Long live Enterprise Architecture!

In the face of DevOps and Agile development methodologies, many enterprises have backed off entirely from the concept of an enterprise architecture. That’s a mistake. Enterprise Architecture is needed more urgently than ever before–but not the old, silo-ed, inflexible architecture.

Next-generation Enterprise Architecture needs to be fast, flexible, and as adaptive as next-generation development methodologies. It needs to encompass the radical changes in infrastructure, from virtualization to cloud- and mobile-first.

And it’s absolutely essential for enterprises who want to align their technology investments with their fast-moving business goals.

This webinar reviews the fundamentals of enterprise architecture and provides a blueprint for a next-generation EA that encompasses DevOps, cloud, mobility, virtualization, microservices, and more!

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