Webinar Replay – How Agent Analytics Bolsters CX

Webinar Replay – How Agent Analytics Bolsters CX

Financial-services organizations must manage some of the most complex customer interactions of any industry. Customers have high expectations for knowledgeable service reps handling sensitive financial questions quickly, accurately, and following all regulations.

Improving customer experience starts with empowering agents to serve them effectively. Doing so requires analytics and artificial intelligence.

This webinar will showcase how financial-services companies are leveraging agent analytics and AI assistance to give them data, knowledge, and context to deliver stellar customer experience. Nemertes will present real-world data showing how these technologies can boost revenue, improve customer ratings, and reduce cost.

How Agent Analytics Bolsters CX

Presented by: Robin Gareiss, President & Founder, Nemertes Research
Date: February 27, 2020
Time: 11:00 am ET

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