Webinar Replay – Transforming the Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation – (Part 3 of 3)

One of the top business goals for digital transformation is improving the customer experience—which ultimately leads to higher CSAT scores, better referrals, competitive advantage, and increased revenue. Technology leaders are uniquely positioned to resolve customer concerns and improve interactions with them. Digital transformation projects almost always have some customer-experience components to them, whether affecting internal customers, external customers, or both. Based on real-world, global data from nearly 800 organizations, we discuss the following:

  • What are the catalysts that enable companies to achieve the goal of improving customer experience?
  • What technologies are crucial to success?
  • What are their measurable results, and how did they achieve them?
  • How do successful companies develop a business case that wins approval and budget?
  • What are some real-world stories of digital transformation projects improving the customer experience that you can use to make your pitch?


"Transforming the Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation"

October 17, 2017 

Presenter: - Robin Gareiss, Nemertes President and Founder

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