Webinar Replay – UCC Series [Ep. 9]: Finding the Most Affordable UCC Provider

The price you pay for your UCC subscription, software, servers, or licenses is only part (and often, a small part) of your overall costs for UCC. And there are differences depending on your selected architecture and vendor.

Nemertes has researched what companies actually spend on UCC for 14 years now. In this webinar, we share some of the key metrics you should consider when selecting a UCC provider—along with real-world data on what it costs to operate various providers. We cover:

  • What are the differences in operational costs, by size of rollout, for select providers?
  • How do those costs change if you decide on a cloud vs. on-premise rollout?
  • What are the top 5 questions I should ask in my UCC RFP?

We also demonstrate Nemertes’ UCC Cost Analysis Tool, an interactive tool that uses Nemertes’ research data to deliver actual costs customized to your organization. Enjoy! (...view below).


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