Webinar Replay – WAN Economics: The Business of Disrupting Your WAN

Webinar Replay – WAN Economics: The Business of Disrupting Your WAN

Digital Transformation initiatives often hinge on providing new and exciting services to staff or to customers across the WAN and the Internet. Engineering a WAN for continuous and more rapid change is key to enabling ongoing transformational efforts. And yet, for most companies, the WAN is among the pieces of the infrastructure hardest to change, both for technological reasons and due to the constraints on link provisioning by carriers.

This webinar focuses on how SD-WAN provides the WAN that Digital Transformation efforts require, through its combination of centralized policy management, automation, zero-touch provisioning, and the ability to work with many links across differing media from different providers.

Moreover, all of this puts renewed focus on choice of platform and on the economics of wide-area networking: How much does it cost to connect a site to a WAN? What technologies are easiest, fastest, best performing? Which vendors provide the best technology, service, and value?

The webinar focuses on debut data from the Nemertes 2018-19 WAN Economics Research Study, including:

  • MPLS, Ethernet, wavelength, and Internet service costs
  • Enterprise users’ ratings of their connectivity providers and data on their ability to deliver, and deliver on time
  • SD-WAN platform costs – capital, implementation, operation
  • SD-WAN adoption and vendor ratings

…plus a peek at the updated Nemertes Enterprise SD-WAN cost model. (See below…)

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