What’s an IoT Cybersecurity Architecture and Why Do I Need One?

What’s an IoT Cybersecurity Architecture and Why Do I Need One?

IoT can be game-changing for organizations — in more ways than one. In fact, organizations that successfully implemented IoT generated an average of $8.36 million in new revenue, $5 million in savings and 41.8% improvement in business process efficiency, according to our Nemertes Research IoT 2019-2020 Research Study.But how are those organizations securing their IoT initiatives?

Too often, they are not securing them at all. There are two main reasons for this. First, many initiatives were launched by operational technologists or business professionals for whom cybersecurity is not yet an established discipline the way it is for IT folks. Second, there are no universal standards or frameworks covering cybersecurity for IoT, particularly when it comes to IoT infrastructure.

The most fundamental way to mitigate IoT risks is to bake security into the IoT network architecture. An IoT security architecture is a blueprint that illustrates all components of the IoT infrastructure for all IoT projects and details how to secure each component…

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