Why You Need a Video Content Management System to Ensure Governance Success

In my previous blog I discussed the five components of a successful video governance strategy: Assessment, Access, Encryption, Approval, and Retention.  I discussed best practices for addressing each of these areas, but didn’t address the “how.” How you enforce security, governance, and retention policies requires a critical piece of infrastructure: A video content management system, or VCMS for short.

A video content management system provides the platform for capturing and storing on-demand video and for streaming live, video content.   It is the single place where those responsible for compliance, governance, and security can assess video content, control access, ensure encryption at-rest and in-motion, manage approval process workflows, and enforce retention rules.

According to the Nemertes Research “Visual Communications and Collaboration: 2018-19 Research Study,” based on data gathered from approximately 500 end-user organizations, just 11.3% have already deployed a VCMS, while another 47.5% plan to do so by the end of 2019.   The large number of organizations with planned deployments speaks to the growing realization of the criticality of having a VCMS to ensure streaming success.

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