Digital Transformation

Digital transformation addresses the ongoing challenges faced by legacy organizations (those created before approximately 2000) in using emerging technology to become lean, agile, responsive, and highly customer-centric.

These companies want to leverage information technology to drive new business, improve customer experience, innovate how they deliver products and services, and reduce costs. The metrics research provides guidance on how to run an effective digital transformation project.

Lead Analyst

Robin Gareiss

Topics Covered:

  • Bellwether Technologies: Technologies accelerating the transformation of leading-edge companies
  • Digital Transformation Maturity Model (DTMM): A scale for enterprise professionals to assess where their organizations are on their journeys to digital transformation
  • Digital transformation budgets
  • Innovation programs and how they relate to digital transformation
  • User Awareness and Adoption (primarily focused on Digital Workplace and mobility – how to ensure employees and customers know about and use technologies available to them)
  • Best practices for partner management
  • Best practices for IT and business unit interactions
  • Staffing and leadership composition, inside and outside of IT
  • Business cases of successful digital transformation projects
  • Technology architecture decisions to enable digital transformation
  • Buyers and decision makers for digital transformation
Digital Transformation Research
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