Beth Boucher

Agent of Change. Builder. Strategist. Fixer.

Nemertes Research Fellow

Agent of Change.

I thrive on solving complex, global business challenges that require transformation through change management, negotiation, process excellence, and technology enablement. My comfort with change and new experiences is most recently evidenced by a role change to Board Services after having gained tenure in consulting and outsourcing. I embrace learning new skills – examples include becoming a competitive equestrian, learning to play piano, and studying American Sign Language.


Notable career highlights include patent submission for a software application, implementation of a $50MM global document management initiative, delivery of $40MM+ synergies through management of a $30MM integration program, and launching a research and innovation practice with a focus on RPA and AI. To complement growth and movement, it’s also important to keep my balance. The best example is my recent sabbatical from Corporate to take time to rest, reflect, and plan my next horizon.


I am a courageous and strategic leader characterized by my business partners as a respected, influential, and trusted partner. Throughout my career, I’ve demonstrated continuous change and progression into larger leadership roles, most recently with appointment as Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee for the board that I serve. I also have a passion for developing and recruiting talent specifically for individuals from diverse backgrounds and those with neurodivergent abilities.


The majority of my roles have involved stepping in to recover situations that are not going well or to lead aggressive programs with high risk of failure. I gravitate to activities and causes that involve helping animals in need or people with disadvantages early in their careers.


Non Executive Director, Chair Nominating and Governance – Omaha National; International Board Director Competency Designation (IBDC.D), M.A.Pfister Strategy Group; Certified Cyber Intelligence Professional Board Certification (CCIP), McAfee Institute; Center for Creative Leadership Development (LDP) Program Graduate; Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification, Project Management Institute (PMI); Masters of Business Administration, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Accelerated Implementation Management (AIM) Certificate, Lean Sig Sigma Green Belt; Operational Excellence Exceptional Change Agent Award for strong negotiation and influencing skills, building and maintaining strong business partner relationships; Founders Award of Excellence, Lally School of Management, RPI; Corporate Finance MVP Award (in Organization of 500+); B.S. in Electrical Engineering -University of Connecticut