Marc Seybold

Convener. Explorer. Questioner. Maker.

Nemertes Research Fellow

Focus Areas: Emerging technologies, AI, innovation, quantum computing, networking, and cryptography


Am adept at bringing people together into teams. Multiple times throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to build “A” teams in environments where intrinsic motivators were the only recruiting tool. Am especially proud of gaining the trust of my peers to be elected first among equals of the SUNY Council of CIOs and helped raise a child who turned out great. Consider me a human Higgs Boson for binding family and friends.


Progressively moved up the ranks from staff to CIO via a journey of professional exploration. Metaphorically have been willing to explore new ways of doing things –when someone asks “why change?” my answer is “Why not?”

Spent a lifetime exploring the planet, seeing and meeting as many people as possible. Am a life-long learner who is always ready to explore new topics, learn different things, and try something new.


Champion asking the “why” of things. Family legend has it that my first word was pourquoi (why). Instead of focusing on blame, take a page from the NTSB– focus on what happened, why, and what we can learn from these experiences.


Have always gravitated toward positions that provide leeway to build things, whether they be processes, systems, or actual infrastructure.


BA Computer Science Queens College CUNY, IT Staff SUNY Old Westbury, Director IT SUNY Optometry, CIO SUNY Old Westbury, State wide Committees, “Rethinking SUNY”, Chair Council of Chief Information Officers, SUNY