Samantha Hutchinson-Ouranos

Artist. Designer. Nurturer. Explorer.

Resident Graphic Designer


From an early age, as soon as I could hold a pencil, I never stopped drawing. My parents would find all sorts of wall-art and murals hidden behind the furniture. It took me 40 years to truly embrace art as a full-time endeavor. This past year my work was shown in two art exhibitions, one at Museo de las Americas in Denver, CO and the other at the Arvada Art Center. My art is a reflection of my beliefs, a spiritual journey, a connection to my ancestors, and a fight for social justice. Creativity is my connection to my soul.


I studied graphic design after being awarded a full scholarship to Arte AC, the prestigious design school in Monterrey, Mexico, founded by and dedicated to women in art and design. This opened the doors for me to work as a freelancer all over the world. I also worked in more traditional advertising agencies directing campaigns for brands like Pepsi, American Airlines, Stanley Tools, and adidas.


As a person who has lived abroad and speaks several languages (fluent English and Spanish; proficient in French, German and Italian), it has become very important to nurture those around me; to make people feel welcomed and offer them a true sense of belonging. This skill and passion has helped me with managing teams for companies all over the world.


I have lived in three different countries. If I could, I would collect citizenships all over the world. Traveling, learning new languages and cultures is what I love. This dedication to exploration and diversity is now deeply reflected in my daily life: I am a Mexican who lives in the United States with my Persian husband and our twin girls. Our family celebrates Día de Muertos, Thanksgiving and Nowruz. A celebration is always around the corner!


Graduate of the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Diseno, ARTE A.C. Monterrey, Mexico, with Bachelors in Graphic Design and Visual Arts – December 2002. Among companies/advertising agencies I’ve worked for are: NetzbarKeit Agency, Zurich CH; Travel, Zurich, CH; AC&M Group, NC, USA; GMR Marketing, USA – Spain,, USA – Spain. Served on the boards of: Peri dico EL NORTE, Cultura; Bart Peterson, Mayor of Indianapolis, Latino Affairs. Art Exhibitions: SOMOS, Resilience in Domestic Violence, Museo de las Am ricas, Denver, CO USA; AMPLIFY, Latino Voices. Arvada Art Center, Arvada, CO, USA. I also illustrated books in Amman, Jordan.