Cyber Security Headlines: Week in Review

Cyber Security Headlines: Week in Review

Produced by CISO SERIES

Air Date: January 5, 2024 | 25 minutes

The most important stories for the week boiled down with a little bit of context by CISO Series reporter Rich Stroffolino and guest Johna Till Johnson, CEO, Nemertes.

On today’s episode of Cyber Security Headlines Week In Review, we plan to cover these stories (time permitting):

  • New York hospitals sue cloud provider for return of data
  • Google settles $5 billion ‘incognito mode’ lawsuit
  • A call for formal ban on ransomware payments
  • FTC asks for ideas to fight voice cloning
  • Hackers threaten to SWAT Fred Hutch patients
  • FBI disrupts BlackCat ransomware network
  • Hacking with Mr. Cooper
  • Rite Aid banned from using AI facial recognition


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