The Ugly: Will Enterprise AI Steal Your Job? (Ep.4)

The Ugly: Will Enterprise AI Steal Your Job? (Ep.4)

Episode 4 of 4
Enterprise AI – Nemertes Research Series

Air Date: October 18, 2023 | 29 minutes

A lot has been written and opined about the threat AI poses to jobs. If you’re an enterprise technologist, your concerns may be particularly acute. Will enterprise AI steal your job, or will it ultimately create more jobs than it destroys? Nemertes shares the findings of our in-depth study of the use of AI in enterprises to provide the (somewhat surprising) answer.

John Burke, CTO, Nemertes
Jerald Murphy, SVP Research + Consulting, Nemertes

ABOUT THIS SERIES: AI has been growing steadily in the workplace for the last few years. The entire market seems to be out over the tips of their skis, where massive potential is balancing on a razor’s edge with the potential for problems that could be even larger than the potential upside. But is that really the case? In our newest research study, we interviewed participants at a range of companies about their AI state of deployment, perceived and actual benefits, roadblocks and concerns, and operational efforts. We uncovered gaps and weaknesses, as well as areas of success.

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