Expected Economic Value (EEV)

Illuminate the business value of a planned technology

What It Is

With an EEV project, Nemertes works with you to understand your technology environment and strategic goals, then assesses the value of the solution in meeting those goals. The EEV provides a clear assessment of the technology’s financial and other benefits and drawbacks, and articulates why a new solution is needed (or not). The EEV also includes a risk assessment, capturing both the risk of deploying the technology and the risk of not deploying it.

In short, the EEV provides an objective analysis that assists you in determining whether or not to move forward with the technology, and helps in obtaining leadership buy-in.

Nemertes’ greatest value lies in helping us articulate both the value of moving to a new technology, and the risk of not making the move.
—Cloud and Infrastructure Manager, Fortune 100 defense and aerospace company

What You Get

The EEV is a thoroughly-researched, objective analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of the technology in the context of your environment. You receive the documentation you need to make a tangible case to leadership regarding the decision to deploy the technology (or not).

The EEV includes:

  • An overview of market trends, drivers, and benefits aligned with the target product or service category.
  • A detailed description of your technology landscape, a fully articulated “problem” statement, and the hoped-for results from a solution.
  • A roll-up of the benefits relevant solutions can deliver. This section focuses on benefits that can be verified after deployment, and when possible, contains hard data from existing deployments.
  • Value models quantifying benefits that you may achieve, in areas such as:
    • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Improved speed of delivery of new services
    • Reduced time to contain and resolve security incidents
    • Company and industry-specific operational and business metrics
  • Nemertes’ detailed estimate of improvements you should be able to realize in your environment.
  • An itemized set of risks associated with deploying the technology, along with recommended remediations.
  • A listing of risks associated with not deploying the technology, along with recommendations for alternatives.
  • A methodology section describing where the data comes from and how Nemertes gathers and analyzes it.

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