Mentors and Leadership

Mentors and Leadership

Heavy Strategy Podcast
Episode 32—August 30, 2022

Two topics in a short show – discussing leadership and mentoring.  What might we expect from leadership and what are the elements of being one in context of IT Technology ?

Is there a role for career mentors and coaches in modern IT ? We discuss the topic and establish some points. IT Careers are high value and high effort but unlike other professions (such as law or medicine) there are no gatekeepers to working. This leads to  training and ‘life coaches’ that are unregulated and often unprofessional. 

About the podcast: IT strategy analyzed, discussed, debated, and reviewed. Strong opinions loosely held and deeply researchedwith Nemertes CEO Johna Till Johnson and Packet Pusher’s Greg Ferro. “Where the questions are more important than the answers.”

Thanks to Kolide for sponsoring. Kolide offers a user-centered approach to end point security by scanning and monitoring their devices. If something is outside policy Kolide will engage the user in Slack to find out more and suggest rectification. We don’t often see security tooling the engages the user and encourages them to participate in compliance. Its worth checking out Honest Security – which describes the philosophy behind this.

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