ONUG Fall 2022: Building the Enterprise Cloud

ONUG Fall 2022: Building the Enterprise Cloud

The ONUG Fall 2022 Conference explores the technologies that are supercharging today’s digital enterprise while meeting the challenges brought on by multi-cloud architectures. The main theme of the conference is that multi-cloud IS enterprise computing. The community will gather around connectivity, security, observability and automation of multi-cloud infrastructure through panel conversations, live demonstrations, and social networking.

We hope you can join us on October 19-20 at Center415 on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, NY.

Do You Need to Build Edge Network Breakout and Compute for All Your Sensors?


Panel Details:
Date–October 19, 2022 at 4pm ET
Location–Center415, New York City

As the number of networked sensors soar, so too does the requirement for edge computing and network edge breakout to solve the latency and direct access for sensor response.

This is the first infrastructure built for non-humans as Robots as a Service (RaaS) becomes a reality. Many infrastructure teams are reviewing build vs buy decision. The edge is a combination of 5G, data, sensors, cloud service providers, OT/IT security convergence, etc.

In this session, featuring Johna Till Johnson (Nemertes), Aryo Kresnadi (FedEx), Shafeeq Shaikh (Johnson & Johnson), and Blaine Mathieu (Pratexo), we sort out the edge computing and network breakout stack so you can decide if you should build or buy an edge compute infrastructure.