Quick-Start Request for Information

Streamline and optimize your technology assessment

What It Is

The Quick-Start Request for Information (RFI) is a way to quickly and thoroughly survey the universe of providers of a particular technology and select the top few that are best for your needs.

The value of this approach is that it enables you to cast a wide net—assess a broad range of providers—while focusing most of your effort and attention on the top candidates’ answers rather than the process required to get them.

The Quick-Start RFI ensures you have a comprehensive view of the current state of offerings (including those from smaller, less-well-known vendors) as well as a solid prioritization of those worth pursuing further (via a formal RFP, a proof-of-concept deployment, or going direct to negotiations).

Nemertes provided a fast, effective way to survey the landscape of SOC providers, giving us invaluable insight.
—CISO, mid-sized financial firm

What You Get

For a given technology, Nemertes works with you to develop detailed selection criteria based on your technology environment, business drivers, implementation goals, and our research. Nemertes then works with the vendors and providers to ensure comprehensive completion of the RFI. Finally, Nemertes analyzes the responses and delivers to you a shortlist (typically 2-3 providers) for further assessment and selection, along with a slide deck detailing the analysis and the complete spreadsheet of responses.

With a Quick-Start RFI you get a thorough, 100% up-to-date analysis of the entire set of players (which may number as many as 20 to 30 depending on the technology area) compared against the selection criteria that are of top importance to you. And it happens quickly–typical completion time is six weeks. Best of all, the time required from you and your team is minimal.

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