Trends in Frontier Technology and Fintech [Ep.4]

Trends in Frontier Technology and Fintech [Ep.4]

Emerging Technologies Research Study 2022-2023 Webinar Series

What is a Qubit? Does anyone care? Will Quantum computers really make current cryptography obsolete? What do companies really care about for the future of financial technologies? Are banks of today going the way of the Dodo?

Join Nemertes as we discuss the findings of these issues from our latest survey of large enterprises and their attitudes and adoption of frontier and financial technology. Some of the issues we will drill down on include:
• Quantum computing and cryptography
• EFTs in the enterprise
• Digital assets
• Decentralized finance

Presenter: John Burke, Nemertes CTO

ABOUT THIS SERIES: Which emerging technologies are surging ahead in adoption and support, and which are lagging? What are companies REALLY investing in when it comes to emerging technologies? And where are they stumbling? We’re presenting our latest study over a 6-part webinar series that looks at emerging technologies from Amplified Intelligence to Zero Trust and how companies are (or aren’t) achieving value from them.

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