Cybersecurity Benchmark + Roadmap

Strengthen your security stance

What It Is

Small and midsized financial firms face the same cybersecurity threats as their larger counterparts. With the Cybersecurity Benchmark + Roadmap offering, Nemertes provides a comprehensive review of your company’s current security capabilities, and current and future security needs. We assess your networks, identity management, firewalls, XDR, EDR, antivirus, data loss prevention (DLP), single sign-on (SSO), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), encryption, data protection, disaster recovery and prevention, and Incident Response Plan (IRP) including ransomware response.

We do a deep-dive in areas of particular vulnerability for small-to-midsized financial firms, such as cloud, collaboration, and facilities/IoT security. In each area, we look not just at your current and planned technology, but also your current and planned organization, operations, policies, processes, and security education. We also assess the suitability to your organization of third-party providers for services such as PEN testing, SOC operations, and cybersecurity insurance. We leave you with a roadmap detailing your path to security success.

Security in community banks must be as thorough as security at large banks. Every company is a target for increasingly sophisticated cyber attackers. I’ve known Jerry Murphy [Senior Nemertes Analyst] for years and trust his understanding and knowledge of both the banking industry and the underlying technology that ties it together.
—CTO, Northeastern regional bank

What You Get

We benchmark your people, processes, and technologies against comparable organizations and provide you with the following:

  • A detailed benchmark of your current cybersecurity environment; we highlight areas requiring remediation, as well as validating areas in which your cybersecurity investment is paying off
  • A customized set of practical, actionable recommendations for improvement
  • A roadmap/timeline on which to execute the recommendations
  • A discounted rate on Nemertes’ annual Research and Advisory Relationship, which provides regular, frequent and interactive strategic guidance and problem-solving, access to an online library of tools and templates, and the ability to submit inquiries to Nemertes analysts.

The Team

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