Technology Peer Benchmarking

When was the last time you rebalanced your technology investment portfolio?

What It Is

Technology Peer Benchmarking helps you assess whether your organization is investing in the right technologies for you.

Not every organization needs the latest and greatest, but every organization needs confidence that its use of technology aligns not only with its industry peers, but with its goals and technology “culture”.

Conservative organizations may wait to adopt emerging technology until it’s mainstream. Leading-edge organizations may prefer to adopt technology fresh out of the lab in order to eke out competitive advantage. And, of course, technology decisions also depend on your organization’s industry and size.

Technology Peer Benchmarking provides an opportunity to review your technology portfolio and determine what changes you need to make (if any) in order to align with your culture, industry, size, and goals.

I was very impressed by Nemertes. They consolidated our key information, compared us against our peers, and provided great insight into areas we could improve. The board was blown away by their presentation. I would absolutely use Nemertes for future IT strategy work.
Executive at mid-sized financial firm

What You Get

  • A detailed, data-based benchmark slide deck that compares your technology deployment against your peer profile group (PPG)
  • Nemertes’ assessment of, and recommendations for, changes you might consider to align more closely with your strategic goals
  • A clear, easy-to-understand summary of our findings
  • A senior-level analyst with C-level executive experience presenting findings to your board and senior management

The Team

Contact us today to assess your technology deployment and align more closely with your strategic goals!

Why Nemertes?

Our Benchmarking Methodology

Nemertes brings a unique blend of talents and experience:As former science and technology practitioners, we understand the complex and ever-changing challenges posed by emerging technology implementation. As a research firm, we stay up to speed with cutting-edge technology and trends.

Our benchmarking methodology ensures that We tell clients what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. Because we rely on objective data—gleaned from up-to-date primary research that we conduct ourselves—we don’t hesitate to advise clients when their desires conflict with objectively demonstrable optimum strategies.

Objective Data

We regularly conduct research studies in which we interview technology leaders at some of the world’s most respected organizations. We conduct interviews rather than surveys to ensure the accuracy of the data we collect, and we normalize that data along several axes, including size, industry, and company culture. We then use this data as part of our technology peer benchmarking.

Expert Recommendations

Our data-driven maturity models enable us to compare your operations with those of the most mature, successful organizations. We recommend specific changes in staffing, structures, processes, and technologies to improve maturity and bolster success, and the critical performance metrics that will demonstrate that success.

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