Emerging Technologies Membership

We introduce, discuss, and evaluate emerging and breakthrough technologies on the two-to-five-year horizon.

What It Is

The Nemertes Emerging Technologies Membership is an annual membership for senior-level executives and individuals interested in scientific and technology breakthroughs and their potential impact on the world. We introduce, discuss, and evaluate emerging and breakthrough technologies on the two-to-five-year horizon. Through research, conferences, workshops, and field trips, experts offer perspectives on future technologies and their impact on organizations, infrastructures, policies, and society.

“Membership is like climbing to the top of a lighthouse and looking out five years into the future  not just for technical, but also social and business innovation. Most importantly, we have formed a community that has a huge amount of respect for each other, deep trust, and yes, even friendship. We call on each other for insight and advice.”
—Ike Nassi, Adjunct Professor, Computer Science and Engineering at UC Santa Cruz

What You Get

Examine disruptive technologies and innovations across a broad range of areas through the following membership features:

  • Conferences and Field Trips which include both world-class speakers and events that present opportunities for members to visit the world’s leading research institutes and development laboratories
  • Online Private Community which is limited to clients and individuals with expertise in key technology areas. The community enables clients to interact with one another and with Nemertes analysts, to access and post content, and pose questions and hold private discussions
  • Monthly virtual discussion groups and workshops on critical technologies (such as quantum computing). These member-driven discussion groups feature experts in the technology areas, and focus on issues requested by members
  • Targeted Advisories and Alerts on topics of interest for all members of your organization
  • Technology Area Benchmarks—succinct quarterly overviews of the state of specific technologies. These include: a current listing of industries, individuals, and research organizations specializing in the technology; meaningful news and developments since the last technology area benchmark; and an analysis by Nemertes analysts and research fellows
  • Customized Research commissioned your topics of interest
  • Access to Nemertes’ library of primary research studies, research reports, videos, and technology articles

The Team

Bring new ideas to life in the real world!

Why Nemertes?

Expertise as Trusted Advisors

Although Nemertes offers consulting services, we differ from traditional consultants in two key areas: First, we tell clients what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. Nemertes’ approach is different. Because we rely on objective data—gleaned from up-to-date primary research that we sponsor and conduct ourselves—we don’t hesitate to advise clients when their desires conflict with objectively demonstrable optimum strategies. Second, because we focus on emerging technologies, we pride ourselves on staying a step ahead of most consultants. We are regularly called on to deliver accurate projections for a three- to five-year view into the future. Doing so requires us to stay abreast of emerging technologies (and, as noted, the impact their deployment is having, or will have, on organizations). Our clients have advised us that our ability to accurately predict future developments is a key reason for working with us.

Communications Expertise

We communicate the problem(s) and solution(s) effectively – we tell stories well. Our principals have decades of experience in: writing, live presentation, professional speaking, theater and professional storytelling, video/television presentation, and podcasting.

Technology Expertise

We understand the challenges of deploying emerging technology, and we don’t just look at technology. We assess how well it’s working. Our principals have decades of personal experience in roles such as CEO, CIO, CTO, Chief Architect, and Developer. Many of our Nemertes Research Fellows are actively conducting research in critical technologies at major universities and research institutions. Nemertes has advised leading Fortune 2000 firms and major universities on technology implementation for 21 years.

Enabling Real-World Innovation

We don’t offer off-the-shelf or cookie-cutter answers. We help our clients solve problems with customized research and benchmark data, focused insight and brainstorming, and guidance, assistance, and advice that are customized to the client’s specific requirements.

We specialize in applying the theoretical to the practical. We understand what it takes to bring a new idea to life in the real world.

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