ALT for Developing Effective AI Governance (ALT-AIG)

Jump-start your governance program to effectively manage AI to reduce risk and stay compliant

What It Is

Built around one or a series of workshops, ALT for Developing Effective AI Governance jump starts a client’s program to organize and control AI use by engaging senior executives in cybersecurity and IT, and also HR, Legal, Risk, and Corporate Communications. Supported and guided by AI experts, executives realize the requirements and goals of AI governance and lay the groundwork for an ongoing, sustainable program.

Employing tactical decision games centered on business-relevant scenarios in which small teams of participants quickly make and explain decisions, Nemertes leads workshop participants through the process of articulating and internalizing their organization’s specific requirements for effective AI governance, translating abstract notions of “AI governance” into plans with clear impact on and benefits for each stakeholder. The “after action review” of all teams’ decisions captures key findings and points to appropriate next steps. Weekly AI updates from Nemertes keep participants current on technological and legal AI landscapes, and quarterly check-ins ensure follow-through.

“ALT builds practical applications to the decision-making process which can be put into action immediately. Absolutely awesome.”
—IT Director at a global think tank

What You Get

Clients receive:

  • Corporate and individual stakeholder awareness of the need for, and specific requirements of, effective AI governance
  • A framework for effective AI governance, including key teams and processes
  • A roadmap and high-level project plan for modifying AI governance as the technology, industry, and regulatory environments evolve
  • Insight into the current state of AI-related regulation and AI governance best practices
  • Ongoing support and guidance on issues involved in AI governance

Why Nemertes?

Nemertes is uniquely capable of assisting clients in developing their AI governance programs. In addition to our experience coaching senior-level IT and cybersecurity executives across a range of industries, Nemertes Fellows and experts include leading-edge AI and policy researchers at world-class institutions, such as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the State University of New York system (SUNY).

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