ALT for Cybersecurity Team Optimization (ALT-CTO)

Take your cybersecurity team’s performance to the next level of fast, accurate team decisions in the stressful context of incident response

What It Is

This series of consulting workshops focuses on measurably improving cybersecurity professionals’ ability to make quick, effective decisions in complex, dynamic, high-stakes situations. The workshops enable teams to quickly and effectively balance competing priorities, distinguish facts from assumptions, and select courses of action in line with the organization’s overall cybersecurity and risk goals.

Sequenced workshops take participants through a progression of tabletop exercises employing realistic, situationally-appropriate scenarios. The facilitator presents all teams with scenarios to which they must quickly develop a response, then leads each team through presenting its decision and decision-making, moderating questioning by other teams. After all teams have presented, the facilitator leads a comprehensive review of the responses (an “after action review”), asking everyone to note key facts and assumptions and which were most important. Through repetition with different scenarios (first ours, then self-developed) we reinforce learning and build new habits of thought and action.

“These workshops build practical applications to the decision-making process which can be put into action immediately. Absolutely awesome.”
—IT Director at a global think tank

What You Get

A series of workshops building essential skills and improving:

  • Decision-making—participants make decisions more quickly, with better situational awareness, and better understanding of desired outcomes and tactical goals
  • Communication skills—participants get better at communicating their goals and intent to teams they lead, and at comprehending the goals and intent of team leaders
  • Resilience—participants recover more quickly from their own and others’ missteps
  • Awareness of and ability to compensate for their own and others’ biases and perceptual gaps
  • Ability to quickly parse available information into facts and assumptions, and to properly prioritize both for importance

In addition to:

  • The necessary training to conduct further workshops independently, making team optimization an ongoing part of the culture
  • A library of scenarios on which to practice and improve performance
  • Participation in follow-on, interactive “ALT Graduate Seminars” to continue honing skills

Why Nemertes?

Nemertes is uniquely capable of providing adaptive leadership training and insights. In addition to our experience coaching senior-level IT and cybersecurity executives across a range of industries, including the world’s premiere financial services firms, Nemertes has facilitators who have experience teaching at the U.S. Military Academy and at premier institutions such as the NYPD. Our instructors bring IT and cybersecurity expertise as well as military combat experience plus higher education training that allows them to critically combine real-world experience with effective formal training methodology.

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