ALT for Cyber-Response Fire-Hardening (ALT-CF)

Sharpen your enterprise response to material security incidents

What It Is

ALT for Cyber-response Fire-hardening is a specialized half-day exercise that improves an enterprise organization’s response to material cybersecurity incidents. Targeting senior executives not just in cybersecurity and IT but also in HR, Legal, Risk, Procurement, and Communications, the goal is strengthening and refining the institution’s response, not just improving cybersecurity team effectiveness. Organizational leadership will better understand the nature and consequences of material cybersecurity incidents and hone their ability to respond quickly, correctly, and effectively.

Workshops revolve around tactical decision games, putting teams of participants into scenarios drawn from real life, requiring them to make decisions under time pressure, then explain their decision-making to peers via structured, nonconfrontational questioning. An “after action review” of all plans, including assessment and prioritization of facts and assumptions, clarifies lessons learned and process or technical improvements needed. Follow-on consulting helps ensure follow-through on recommendations that come out of the after action review.

“I’ve never experienced a more precise insight into my own prejudgments and thought patterns. This process has made me a wiser IT executive.”
—Fractional CIO, CTO, CISO

What You Get

  • Improved ability to respond to material cybersecurity incidents, base on Improved
    • Decision-making—participants make decisions more quickly, with better situational awareness, and better understanding of desired outcomes and tactical goals
    • Communication skills—participants get better at communicating their goals and intent to teams they lead, and at comprehending the goals and intent of team leaders
    • Resilience—participants recover more quickly from their own and others’ missteps
    • Awareness of and ability to compensate for their own and others’ biases and perceptual gaps
      • Ability to quickly parse available information into facts and assumptions, and to properly prioritize both for importance
  • Concrete recommendations for improvements in process, policy, or tooling
  • Follow-up calls to gauge progress on implementing recommendations and address roadblocks to doing so
  • Access to weekly interactive “ALT Graduate Seminars” online to gain additional insight in dealing with these and other incidents

Why Nemertes?

Nemertes is uniquely capable of assisting clients in developing their strategic cybersecurity and risk responses. In addition to our experience coaching senior-level IT and cybersecurity executives across a range of industries, Nemertes Fellows and experts include leading-edge cybersecurity and policy researchers at world-class institutions, such as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the State University of New York system (SUNY).

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